Wedding Theme

Your marriage is a celebration of love and the wedding theme is a reflection of your personal style. Through thorough and careful planning, nearly every aspect of this day can be coordinated to reflect your chosen theme. The range of themes is only limited to your imagination. Many companies and wedding planners can help you choose just the right items to make your dream wedding become a reality. Being careful to ensure to attend to the smallest details will make for wonderful memories and photos to enjoy.

Inspired by Sea Glass

Photo courtesy of Fine Stationary

The photographs in the wedding magazines and the images shown on television are so amazing because someone took the time to pay attention to all of the details to make sure the details all fit together to make the theme of the wedding come alive.

Now, you may not have the budget of a Hollywood star to create your dream wedding, but you can manage to incorporate the details that will make your day special. Whether you are dreaming of a fairy-tale wedding - complete with a castle, a simple wedding on the beach, or a more traditional wedding in a church, planning will make your wedding spectacular in its own way, which is what you really want – a reflection of you! Do not accept imitations! You are the “star” of your wedding and you can be the director. You do not have to give up your vision! Stay in control of your day by creating lists of what you want, collecting pictures of items you would like incorporated into your theme. Dream, but get busy searching out those things that will make your day a memory to last a lifetime!

A few themes to consider: Beach, Victorian, Christmas, Western, Military, Spring, Fall, Summer, Winter, Fairytale, Las Vegas, Disney… Well, you get the idea! The wedding theme is limited only by your imagination! Choose one of the themes and click on the link to get some great ideas for your wedding. Keep checking back, as I will add more information! Home from Wedding Theme Wedding Theme Worksheet Red Rose Wedding Cakes