Topsy Turvy Cake

Have you ever wanted to make a topsy turvy cake and just were too afraid to try? Well, I was that way, too! I found a great video that gave wonderful instructions and I was able to create a gorgeous topys turvy cake.

I wanted to make one for a long time, but was put off because I was afraid to make it and have it fall apart! The look of this wonky cake makes it appear to be off balance and just ready to slide apart! What I didn't know is that each layer actually is sitting level on the tier beneath it! There are some ways that construct the cake so that the layers are actually sitting cock-eyed, but this method just makes the layers look that way! So the cake is really structurally sound and quite easy to transport to its destination, whether it is across town or just to the dining room table.

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The only thing that I would recommend is that after you cut the space for the next layer, have it frosted, and covered with fondant is that you remeasure your space. I found that I didn't have enough room so I ended up carving the next layer so that it would fit. It still looked great, but I would have been frustrated had I not measured again before I frosted and put fondant on the next tier. It was probably my error in measuring the first time, but just in case, remeasure!

topsy turvy cake

This is the wonky cake that I made following Janell's video instructions! Everyone loved it! Make sure you allow for plenty of time to construct and decorate this type of cake!

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