Sugar-craft or What is Fondant?

fondant covered cake with purple accents

Sugar-craft is a type of cake decorating that is three- dimensional. It is a type of decorating that stands out from all other forms of cake decorating.

Fondant is to cake decorating what clay is to sculpting. It is the art of modeling 3-D figures on a cake. One type of icing used in this type of decorating, rolled fondant, is used as a covering for the cake and in making cake decorations. This is a popular covering for cakes. It gives the the cake a smooth, nearly flawless look. To get this great look, roll the dough into sheets and, then drape it over the cake. Using smoothers, smooth out any imperfections. In addition, you can cut the fondant to make ribbons, bows, and flowers.

Fondant should be made in advance and stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container until needed. Purchasing fondant is another option, which takes a lot of the prep work and guess work out of the making fondant. I usually buy the pre-made fondant and have had great success using it. When a rolled fondant is prepared for cake decorating, liquid food coloring shouldn’t be used; it can make it runny and unusable. It is better to use coloring paste. Wear food-grade, rubber gloves when you are working the coloring into the cake covering to protect your hands from the food color. After the color is worked into the fondant, you can work with it without the gloves with no problems.

This type of decorating takes a bit of time to learn, and the process can be frustrating. Start on a small cake, preferably a round one. Round cakes seem to be the easiest to work with on many levels. There is no set formula for sugar-craft, you will need to use your artistic eye, and practice until you feel you have it right.

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