Petit Fours

I made poinsettias for petit fours that were for a cookie exchange. I know that they are not cookies, but I was in the mood to make them and I had all the ingredients at hand.

The first thing I did was to get my equipment together, which consists of molds, cutters, a sharp knife, cupcake papers, tips, decorating bags, double boiler, wooden spoon, small sheet pan, and a whisk.

I melted the chocolate in the double boiler very slowly. When it was melted, I added some Paramount crystals to help thin out the chocolate. Next, I got the molds, filled them with chocolate coating and then poured the extra chocolate out of each of the molds, leaving a coating of the chocolate in the molds. I then, put the molds into the freezer for a few minutes.

melting chocolate

paramount crystals

adding paramount crystals

filled petit four molds

pouring candy coating out of molds

Next, I cut the cake into the appropriate shapes to match the molds that I had. When I pulled the moulds out of the freezer, I put in bit of raspberry filling into the mold and added the cake piece. Then I poured the melted chocolate coating to fill the mold completely. I tapped the bottom of the moulds to release any air bubbles and returned them to the freezer for about 10 minutes to set the chocolate coating.

sheet cake white

petit four cake circles

petit four cake with filling

When I took the molds out of the freezer, I used the knife and carefully trimmed away any excess chocolate on the molds, being careful not to cut or scratch the molds. I then turned the molds over to release the yummy little cakes. They come out shiny and easily! I used a paper towel to release them onto so that they wouldn’t crack. I then trimmed any remaining excess chocolate from the bases. I returned the excess chocolate to the double boiler to melt into the rest of the chocolate. I didn’t want to waste any of it! I put the nearly completed treats into a cupcake paper.

released petit fours

When I had enough treats for a box (eight) I used luster dust on the poinsettias to make them sparkle. I took a dab of the melted chocolate coating in a spoon, dipped the backside of the royal icing poinsettia into the chocolate, and placed it on the petit four. I used the tip and bag to add the yellow stamens to the poinsettias. Buttercream icing doesn’t stick very well on the chocolate coating, so I didn’t add the green leaves that I wanted to, but they still looked very nice. Next time, I will add the green leaves with royal icing while making the poinsettias.

attaching poinsettia

I boxed up 12 boxes of eight petit fours each. I lined the box with green tissue paper and placed the petit fours in the box, making sure to include two of each shape and four of each flavor. I used my BowDabra bow maker and tied maroon red ribbon bows around each of the boxes. I impressed myself!

box of petit fours

At the cookie exchange, everyone took a box home. That evening and the next day, my Facebook filled with compliments! I worked a long time on the petit fours, but I enjoyed every minute of it!

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