Gallery of Cakes

Wedding Cake Gallery

This gallery of cakes is where I will post some of my cakes that I have baked and decorated.

topsy turvy cake

This is my first topsy turvy cake and was made for a sweet 16 birthday party. It has zebra stripe cake inside! It also has 16 blue stars hanging on decorating wires encircling the cake.

bow cake

This is the cake I made for my 34th anniversary! It is covered in fondant with a bow on top. Pale pink roses and pale green leaves are amidst the bow.

round tier birthday cake

This is a two tier birthday cake for my daughter-in-law on her 30th birthday. It has buttercream frosting, cherry filling, and a little bear on top! I torted the bottom layers and used cherry pie filling in between the layers for a total of four layers and the top tier is comprised of two layers with buttercream as a filling. Everyone loved it! I put swags on the sides and piped in cornelli lace inside the swags. I also put small, yellow, gum paste flowers at the top of each swag.

basket weave basket with royal icing petunias

This cake features royal icing flowers on a basket-weave design. It was for a retirement party for a college professor. It was a small cake that would serve around five or six people, depending on their love of cake!

This is a simple to make cake for a Christmas party. The sides just have dots of icing and a ribbon wrapped around. The bow was made ahead of time and wired, so I just tucked it in around the ribbon.

doll cake

I made this cake for one of my granddaughters. She loved it!

sheet cake with picture of deer airbrushed

My first attempt at airbrushing! It was for a friend's birthday and he is an avid hunter. He loved it! I practiced on paper towels before I even thought about using the airbrush on the cake.

A simple sheet cake for a first birthday party! Shell borders and a few baby blocks and a bunch of hungry people! Perfect!

john deere tractor cake

John Deere cake for a John Deere fan! The birthday guy (over 50) wouldn't let anyone eat his cake at the party. He put it in his freezer and finally, several months later, took the tractor part off the base cake and gave out pieces of the sheet cake. As far as I know, the tractor is still in the freezer!

cake with fondant bacon and eggs on top

Bacon and eggs on a cake? Well, sure! The bacon is made of fondant strips painted with food coloring. The eggs are made of fondant covering a small bit of cake and have a burnt look on the edges achieved by painting with food coloring.

Thank you for visiting my gallery of cakes! I hope you enjoyed it! From Gallery back to Home