Flower Tools

For Christmas, I received some new cake flower tools! They came in a Wilton Student Kit. I already had some of the them, but I am happy with the ones that were new to me! Actually, I am happy with all of them! The kit has decorating tips, foil squares, template stickers, lily nails, a rose nail, stamens, button blossom cut and press set, a dusting pouch, pansy cutter, wave formers, forming cups and a few other things.

This kit will allow you to make all kinds of floral decorations for cakes. Practicing is fun. If you practice and make the blossoms ahead of time, you will have them to place on your cake without any trouble.

I think it is a good idea to keep decorations on hand just in case you have a last minute cake to do. You can just choose from your pre-made decorations and add them to the cake. It is a time saver!

Royal icing, once dried, will keep for a long time, as long as you keep them free from dust. I usually keep my pre-made blossom decorations in a box with a lid. This allows some air to circulate, but keeps the dust out!

cake decorating kit

wave r formers

tips or tubes

 formers cups and stickers

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