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So, you are considering cupcake wedding cakes. Cupcakes are really being touted as the new, trendy way to have your wedding cake and have it less costly. While that may be true in some areas of the world, I have seen prices for wedding cupcakes upwards to four dollars a cupcake, which is right in line with a traditional wedding cake price from a local bakery. Of course, some wedding cakes can go upwards toward $15 per slice!

Cost may be a factor for you, but it shouldn't be your only decision in using cupcakes. While many elegant cupcake wedding cake towers can be made, there are also some that are a lot less than elegant. If your wedding is going to be a very traditional wedding, I believe that the wedding cake should be traditional, too . If your wedding is a more casual affair, then, by all means consider having the trendy cupcakes.

Cupcake wedding cakes are a fun and creative way to have lots of flavors for your wedding dessert. They can be dressed up or down, depending on the look you are going for. They can be monogrammed, butterflied, flowered, whatever your heart desires!

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If you are planning on making your own cupcake wedding cake, there are a some things that you need to keep in mind. It is not quite as simple as making a bunch of cupcakes and slapping frosting on them and calling it good- that is if you want a beautiful tower! (Which I believe is the case, otherwise you wouldn't be taking the trouble to look for ideas on wedding cupcake towers!)

The first thing that you need to consider is who is going to be making all these cupcakes! If it is going to be you, the bride, then you need to get planning. When will you have time to make all of them? The good thing about cupcake wedding cakes is that you can bake a couple dozen every day or so and after they cool completely, they can be frozen before you decorate them, but after you package them correctly.. This will eliminate the mad rush to make hundreds of cupcakes after your rehearsal dinner! Decorating them needs to be done no earlier than two days before your wedding since cupcakes have a tendency to dry out quicker than a large cake will. Another good thing is that you can make the decorations for the cupcakes in advance, as well. If you are planning on having butterflies or flowers on the cupcakes, you can make those up months ahead of time.

How many of these wonderful cupcake wedding cakes are you going to need for the reception? You really want to overestimate this number. While most people will want to have a slice of wedding cake, there are always those who do not want wedding cake. But with cupcakes, those cake eaters will probably want at least two! Will you be sending a cupcake home with everyone? If so then you will need to double the amount of cupcakes you bake, in addition to providing a small box to put the cupcake into! It is a good idea to add 10% to your final count to ensure that you have enough cake for everyone. It is far better to have some leftovers than to not have enough.

How big are the cupcakes going to be? Now that seems like a silly question, but cupcakes come in a variety of sizes. You are probably used to the normal size cupcakes that fit into the cupcake pan you have in your kitchen. However, there are mini-cupcakes and jumbo cupcakes. The jumbo cupcakes are more like a five-bite size, while the mini-cupcakes are more like a one-bite deal.

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What flavors are you going to use? With cupcake wedding cakes you can have a nearly endless variety of flavor and flavor combinations. You could make a few of every flavor combination. This would be great for the guests, but a bit hard on you if you are making these yourself. To make it easy on yourself, select at most three flavors for cupcakes with complimentary frosting flavors. This will cut down on the amount of different ingredients you will need to purchase. If your wedding reception guest list is 100 people, I would plan on at least 150 cupcakes. (I know I said 10% over earlier in this article, but I tend to go overboard a bit!) I would make 50 cupcakes of each of the three flavors, just to be sure that everyone had plenty of choices. Did you remember to count your wedding party members in the count?

How will you display the cupcakes? Will you just set them out on a table or will you have a tower to place them on? You can rent a cupcake tower from a bakery or you could make one. It could have a center pole running in the middle of the stands or the cupcakes could be displayed on cake stands of varying heights. You can make a stand from lightweight wood or from Styrofoam. Just be sure to cover the stand in a pretty foil and glue ribbons on the rim of the tiers in a coordinating color. Another idea might be to just get cupcake stands for each table at your reception and have the cupcakes displayed on the tables with a small number of them on the main “wedding cake” table.

Another thing to consider about the display is the cupcake wrapper. Will you use only the wrapper paper the cupcake was baked in or will you opt for the additional paper wrapper coordinating with your color and theme? The extra wrappers will add to the final cost so be sure to take that into account when you are crunching the numbers trying to decide if you really want cupcake wedding cakes or a traditional wedding cake. The wrappers can cost around $1 each or more.

How will you get the cupcakes to the reception site? If a bakery is making them for you, will they deliver them? If you are making them yourself, you can get sheet cake boxes or use the boxes that are used for presents to transport the cupcakes. You can even purchase plastic containers to use. If you purchase the containers, you can use them for something else after the wedding. If you use paper boxes, you can keep them or toss them, whatever you want to do. Just be sure not to smash the tops of the cupcakes with a lid! Leave plenty of clearance when you cover the boxes!

How will you serve the cupcakes? Will you have guests get their own or will you have servers deliver the cupcakes to individuals or place them on platters and have them taken to each table. Will you use tongs or cake servers to avoid touching the cakes? Again, maybe a cupcake stand could be the centerpiece for each table. You could decorate the stand with ribbons or flowers. Also, will you have plates and forks available for guests who don't want to just peel the paper back and eat it with their hands?

If you do opt for the cupcake tower, will you have a small layer cake at the top of the tower to hold the cake you and your beloved will slice for the pictures? Or are you really going to try to slice a cupcake? If you have the layer cake on top, you will also have a place to display your cake topper!

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