Calla Lily

The calla lily cones are just the thing when making calla lilies! They come in a set of six if you buy them in a package. In the Fondant and Gumpaste kit, one cone is included. I made the lilies using the directions from the kit. They turned out wonderful!

One thing to remember when using the cones is to make sure you dust the cones with corn starch or powdered sugar before you put the gumpaste on to dry. The gumpaste may stick to the cone, making it difficult to remove the lily once it is dry. You don't want it to break! The calla lily is an elegant flower and is terribly simple to make. I couldn't believe just how easy it is to make.

This flower would make a cake look formal if it is the only type of flower on the cake. Tuck it in with several other types complimentary flowers for a less formal look. I think using Calla lilies on an Easter cake would be sweet! Where would you use them?

calla lily tools

To make a Calla lily you need the Calla lily cutter, which is essentially a heart shaped cutter. Cut out gumpaste about 1/16" thick and then on the thin, pink, foam pad this the edges using the ball tool.

Dust your cone with corn starch or powdered sugar and place your petal with the wide end pointing toward the small end of the cone and wrap the petal around the cone. Secure the rounded edge with gum glue adhesive.

Using your fingers, curl the overlapping edge to a soft curl. Let this dry for a bit before adding the rest of the flower parts.

To make the spadix in the center, use yellow gumpaste and a medium circle cutter to cut out a circle. Cut the circle in half and roll it into a ball and then into an elongated shape about an inch or so long.

Brush the spadix with gum glue and roll it in yellow tinted sugar. Put it aside to dry.

Next, make the calyx by cutting green gumpaste into a circle, and then cutting the circle in half. Attach the green half circle to the base of the flower using gum glue adhesive, lining it up with the overlap of the petal. Let that dry for a bit.

Take the lily off the cone and put a bit of gum glue adhesive in the center of the flower to attach the spadix. Insert the spadix and set aside to dry.

Doing this assembly line style will speed up the process if you have a lot of them to make.

Using the cones is a great help, but if you don't have the cones you could use something else in that shape. You could even make them from a stiff paper or get the snow cone holders at a restaurant supply store! Calla lily 2

Calla Lily

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